Wednesday, 14 November 2012

WOW! How? - Christmas Cracker Tutorial

As promised earlier, here is a tutorial on how to make a Christmas Cracker from one sheet of A4 card. It is a little late, but I have been really busy planing all the lovely classes I have for you in the new year!

You will need per cracker:

1 x Whisper White A4
1 x 12" length Night of Navy grosgrain ribbon (1/4" wide)
Stamps or embellishments to decorate (my list of materials/tools for this is at the bottom of the post)

Tools and Supplies needed:

Border Punch
Classic Stamp Pad (I used Pool Party and Night of Navy)
Stampin' Around Wheel (+ handle)
Stamp Set (I used Everything Eleanor)
Simply Scored Scoring Tool

1) Take your A4 sheet of Whisper White and score at 2", 3" and 4" from the end. Rotate and repeat from the other side.

2) Now turn the page and score lengthways, from ONE side at:
1 1/4", 2 1/2", 3 3/4", 5", 6 1/4" and 7 1/2". You should end up with six sections all sized 1 1/4", and one end strip that measures 3/4".

3) Use a border punch along both short edges of the A4 card.

4) You should now have two sets of three score lines at each end (from step 1). Fold down the middle score line on one side only.

5) Use paper snips to cut V's along the fold line. Each point of the triangles you cut needs to finish at the 'cross' created by your score lines. Also it is IMPORTANT that you do not connect the triangles you cut - there must be a small gap, about a centimetre, between each.

6) When opened out, it should look something like the picture below. Note that the bottom strip is a bit different. All I have done is create tabs on the THIN end strip from step 2 by cutting away the excess. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for the other side.

7) Open out any folds and roller you choice of design along the sides. 

8) Stamp your choice of design onto the third 'strip' in from the edge. I have used the worn label image from the Everything Eleanor stamp set.

9) Turn your template over, and apply adhesive to the tabs (apply the adhesive to the side I have indicated with the scribbled pencil lines). Stick to the opposite edge to create a hexagonal tube.

10) Cut your length of ribbon in half, and use it to tie the ends in. If you wish to add a gift or snap then add this before tying the second ribbon. Decorate as desired! 

If you would like to create this cracker yourself, but don't have the necessary materials, then I have kits available to purchase. Please email for more details.

I hope you have liked this tutorial! If you use it, or find it helpful, please do leave me a comment as encouragement to do more. Also if you have any constructive feedback as to how I might improve future tutorials then suggestions are welcome!

Happy Crafting,

Recipe for decoration as seen in the first photo:
Snow Flurry Die and Big Shot
2 x Whisper White card scraps (approx 2" x 2")
Apothecary Accent dies
1 x Pool Party card scrap (approx 2" x 3")
Basic Rhinestones (as desired)


  1. Love the cracker and the tutorial is fabulous. Caroline xxx

  2. They are great Becky! I am going to try this.

  3. Absolutely amazing Becky! So simple yet effective. xx

  4. Love it! I am going to try this one out!
    Thanks Becky for sharing this with us.

  5. Lovely cracker Becky... and such a great clear tutorial too.... I am really looking forward to trying this out very very soon.... particularly as I have just been asked to do some in a class too!!! So a 1000 thank yous... your timing is immaculate for me!!

    1. So glad the timing is good for you Amanda! Feel free to adapt it for your class.

  6. Lovely tutorial Becky, well done love x

  7. Fabulous cracker Becky and great turorial. I will be making some for my grandsons teachers for Christmas. TFS it is so appreciated.

  8. Thank you all so much for your kind feed back! You have really encouraged me, so I will see what I can come up with next!


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