Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tips and Tricks Tuesday - Not just cards...

How many of you make cards or scrapbook pages and leave it at that? I know I did for a long time and almost got stuck in a bit of a rut. So, I thought I would give you a list of 5 alternative ideas to get you thinking and exploring outside the box! Who knows, it might even save you some money?!

1) Gift Tags!
Make your own stylish gift tags to give a nice gift some real Wow factor! They are so easy to make - for a wine bottle tag cut a strip of card approximately 8" x 3". Punch a large circle out of one end and score so that when the tag is placed over the bottle neck it hangs down nicely. Decorate!

2) Wrapping paper!
Wrapping paper is pricey these days, so why not make your own? When you receive a delivery from Stampin' Up! it comes with loads of brown paper (to protect the products in the parcel). I spread the brown paper out on my floor, and liberally spray the area with 'smooch' shimmer spray, and TaDa! Super pretty shimmery wrapping paper for next to nothing :). Alternatively why not stamp a design over the paper?

3) Christmas Decorations!
Ok I know, I have mentioned the dreaded C word in July... But as seasoned crafters we know how time can sneak up on us until we are frantically rushing at the last minute. Well the new Christmas catalogue comes out on the 29th August (Squeak! So excited!), and I am not allowed to show you before then... But why not take some inspiration from last year's hot cover design above?

4) Party Packs!
With the summer upon us, it is time to get out the bunting and fire up the BBQ for party season, but have you thought about how you can craft to make your event even more special? From wedding favours and packaging, to bunting, and cute cake labels (how about 'contains nuts' for allergy sufferers for example), your crafting talents can make an event magical!

5) Get Customising!
Customising clothing is an idea that goes way back, when consumers had less and needed to be more thrifty - well that trend is having a massive resurgence and there are literally 1000's of ideas out there. All credit for this particular fantastic idea goes straight to Melody H, a concept artist from Stampin' Up! over the pond... How amazing is that lamp! Using a cheap Ikea lamp, some embossing powder and the lovely 'Regarding Dahlias' stamp set she has created a one-of-a-kind work of art!
What could you stamp at home to give it a new lease of life?

Well I hope you feel a little inspired, and don't forget to check back in a fortnight for the next Tips and Tricks Tuesday.

Happy Crafting, B.

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