Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Roll out the red carpet...

...The New Catalogue has arrived!

This is one of my favourite days of the year, when the new annual catalogue hits the shelves. It's a sunny day, the birds are singing and all is right with my world! Start shopping straight away by clicking the photo below to visit my on-line store:

Just want to browse the catalogue? No problem!
Open up a PDF version by clicking the cover photo below:

Prefer to browse through a physical copy? Leafing over the pages, being able to fold down corners and marking off sets I own is the only way I know how to function! Contact me to arrange your copy and I will arrange it.

My personal wish list is HUGE and I have real want-it-now syndrome, even though I know we have a whole year in which to indulge our creative tendencies. Do you feel this way to? How about earning some of your wish list for FREE? 
You can by hosting a workshop (even a virtual one if you and your friends can't get together in person!), where you earn money to spend in the catalogue based on the sales achieved. Anyway enough of the shop talk - let me show you some of the new kids on the block!

You asked for them - we delivered! Blendabilities are alcohol markers, done the Stampin' Up! way. Because alcohol markers require a little bit more know-how to use them - we've developed a few training videos to ensure you get it right and achieve the results you are looking for! You can visit www.youtube.com/user/stampinupvideo to view them.

Next up is one of my favourites - Project Life! I am a total convert and you can expect to see more on this revolutionary way of scrap-booking in coming weeks. For now here is a brief video to explain what it's all about:

Lastly - as always we have a plethora (what a great word!) of our usual quality offering of stamp sets in bang-up-to-date designs and there is something to suit EVERYONE!

Keep checking back for more blog posts... my pledge to blog weekly kinda died, as life got in the way! But I am determined to show my face on here more often!

Happy Crafting

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