Friday, 18 November 2011

Puppy Dreams...

As promised here are some new pictures of Odelle: so I decided to photograph her today as she settled down for a nap. She has grown so much lately (now 13 weeks!), despite thieving some plums a week or so ago which gave her an icky tummy... Oops. She has had all her vaccinations and can meet new dogs as of next week, which should be fun!

Just drifting off...

 This is a comfy pillow...

I LOVE this picture of her front paws - think this one will be making its way onto a scrapbook layout some day soon...

 Oops, I woke her up by accident - what are you doing with that flashy light thing mum?

Big Yawn!

A close up of her special Guide Dog tag:

And finally all woozy after her nap with one ear askew!

I hope you like this little 'pupdate', please leave me a comment if you have any questions about what it is like as a first time puppy walker, or just want to see more pictures! 


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  1. She is lovely! I love the pics you took of her, with the closup on the paws and those fantastic brown eyes!


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