Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Oh Dear...

Honestly I think I may be the most accident/illness prone person I know. Really. It is most vexing!
On Sunday I tripped over - my own feet of all things - and fell backwards smacking my hand on the corner of the wall. 2 Days later and it is still swollen and intensely painful, so think I may be off to the minor injuries for me tomorrow if it doesn't improve drastically overnight...
It would be my right hand as well. So far today it has taken me 2 HOURS to plant up a seed tray for the garden all with my left hand, about 45 minutes to get dressed (no buttons, just pull on stuff.), 20 minutes to serve a plate of leftovers for lunch...
I have also had to cancel my driving test that was due to happen next Tuesday :(

So on a brighter note I have had more time on my hands to browse the internet and am delighted to say there is a Design Team call for the Simply Stampin' Challenge at the moment! I would really recommend entering this as it is such fun to browse through each week's entries and leave people lovely comments :)

The other advantage (DON'T tell my husband ;p) is that I can browse the shops for lots of lovely bargains for the garden... which of course he will have to plant as there is no way I can wield a spade with my hand the way it is... So far I have got:
1 apple tree (a dual one with 2 varieties on the same plant - sunset and golden delicious)
1 honeysuckle
1 clematis
1 passion flower
1 butterfly bush
3 UK native ferns
1 stunning climbing rose (named Mme Alfred Carriere)
1 forsythia
1 Acer (japanese maple)...

Heehee, I am not sure how pleased he is going to be with me, but the garden will end up looking lovely!

I would love to hear how your gardens are coming along in this odd spring that has started...

Becky x


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Love Mum x

  2. Oh dear Becky! I hope that your hand is feeling better soon, Loved your ribbon treatment on your DT card this week.
    Kelly xx

  3. Sorry to hear that you're not doing to well - on the plus side I misread it and thought you said head...until I re-read it and understood why you weren't down A&E immediately! To be honest this sounds like something I would totally do so I can completely sympathise!! x


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