Monday, 21 January 2013

Puppy Takeover!

Something to brighten your Monday morning...

Many of you will know that I am a puppy walker for Guidedogs, and that Odelle has had to leave us (wipes away a tear) on the 8th of January. She went into training with two other dogs who are local; a massive golden boy called Hugo, and Jasmin, who is also a black lab like our Odelle. (See yesterday's post of the scrap book page to see a photo of Odelle)

Because I knew that Odelle leaving would upset me, I asked our puppy walking supervisor if I could have a new puppy fairly soon after Odelle went. The idea being to keep myself so busy I wouldn't have time to dwell on it. At the beginning of December I got an email from my supervisor saying she had a puppy for me, but would I mind accepting her before Christmas! After talking it over with my husband, we said ok, and she arrived on the 21st of December!!!

Isn't she adorable!!! Her name is Sally, and she was born on the 31st of October. Her mum is called Bree, and her dad's name is Jason. She is a pure Labrador and (this bit is quite exciting!) Guidedogs are considering her as a future Guidedog mum! Guidedogs only pick the very best dogs to breed from, so it is a real honour for a puppy walker's dog to be chosen... But we have a long way to go before any of that!

She is a real cuddly pup, but doesn't stay still for very long... here she is having a cuddle with my husband:

Guidedog puppies are taught that they must not get on the furniture or jump up at people, so if you want a cuddle, you have to get down on the floor. She has taken a real shine to my husband, as you can see by this piccy of her gazing up at him:

I think she likes him more because I am the one telling her "No!" all through the day! Whereas my husband is playtime central when he gets home from work...

That is all for now, I am going to try to get some photos of her playing in the snow, but she doesn't show up very well!

More updates soon,


  1. How utterly gorgeous! I'd love to do this, but get put off becase I'd get so attached to them!

    1. She is a real cutie. We had our first puppy class yesterday and she was a bit of a terror - no lack of self confidence in this pup! When Odelle left us I cried all day, but it really is worth it.


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