Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tips and Tricks Tuesday - On A Roll...

Hello all! Just a brief post from me today, but I want to share with you a trick I discovered to use with any of your Stampin' Around Wheels. When using a wheel, I hated starting halfway through a design, and it annoyed me even more when using a wheel with wording! So I had a think, and came up with the solution, that is very simple, takes 2 minutes and can be completed using office supplies...

You will need:
Stampin' Around Wheel (any size, in any design!)
White Correction Fluid (for example Tippex), ideally in pen form, but the bottles will also work. 

Step 1: Identify the join in the rubber on your wheel - this is where the designs always start and finish.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on your correction fluid (for example 'shake well'), then apply a tiny dot onto the plastic at the side of the roller where the rubber join is. Allow to dry. Repeat on opposite side of wheel if desired.

Step 3: Once dry, insert into your Stampin' Handle, and away you go! It is now easy to see at a glance which section of roller you are using, without having to lift the roller off the page to see!

I hope you have found this little snippet helpful - don't forget to sign up for my FREE newsletter for regular hints and the latest news. I will be back with another Tips and Tricks Tuesday in a fortnight.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Thanks I will remember this excellent tip! I have two wheels, one I have had for 18 months, the other for 6 months. I have never used either of them. Would love to see samples or tips for ways to use them!! Perhaps a future post??

    1. Your wish is my command Kylie! I will put some more wheel tips and creations in the pipelines...


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