Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Puppy Takeover! Part 2

Well you all had a chance to meet Sally in Part 1 of the puppy takeover... well she is now 6 months old, growing fast and I thought it was high time you all had an update! 

Here she is looking all grown up and practising her 'settle' command. This was taken in the beautiful weather last week, whilst at Borde Hill Gardens in West Sussex. The 'settle' command is a lovely one, basically telling the dog; get comfortable and relax, we are staying put for a while! She had been lying down but sat up to see what I was doing with the weird clicky machine! You can really see very clearly just how pale in colour she is, with gingery freckles on the edges of her ears.

Some of you may know, Sally is a sponsored dog through the 'Name a Puppy - Change a Life' scheme. This means that we got to go and meet her sponsor which was a very exciting time. We met by the beach, which Sally thought was full of all sorts of wonderful sniffs!

Sally's sponsor brought along her lovely fully qualified guide dog, who helped Sally to soon forget about the slightly worrying big wet salty thing, and enjoy having some time off to have a fast-paced play on the sand together! You can see how much Sally has grown quite easily by comparing the size of the two dogs playing... Sally weighs about 18kg now!

I hope you have enjoyed this little update - I will be back with some more at some point I am sure.
If you have any questions about Sally or what it is like to puppy walk her, please leave me a comment - I will do my best to answer them.

Best Wishes, Becky.


  1. Goodness, what a beautiful girl. It always amazes me how anyone can train a lab to do anything, as they're so wappy until they're about 4! I used to catch the train to work each day with a blind lady who was a social worker. Every so often they would say the train would be leaving from the other platform and we'd all go over the bridge to the other side. Trish would just say, "Forwards!" and her dog would take her over the bridge and get her safely on the train, it was awesome to watch. Then Portia would have a rootle in my bag to see what I was having for lunch, and of course her owner didn't know, because she couldn't see. It was mine and Portia's secret!

  2. Great to have an update on the Puppy!


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