Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tips and Tricks Tuesday - Tagtastic (A Little Bit Late!)

Well I have to confess, this post is rather late! Easter simply got the better of me (well, the chocolate did anyway!) and I totally forgot. As it is Easter, I'm going to show you a seasonal make, using the same set from last week - and 2 ways to get perfectly shaped tags every time!

Here it is, a really cute treat tube filled with chocolate mini eggs (they didn't last too long!). The tube is  actually a cellophane bag and is the perfect size (2.5 x 20 cm) for chocolates, bath salts, plant seeds, liquorice sticks and so on. They make perfect mini gifts as they are quick to fill, and are excellent value at £2.25 for 50. Simply fold down the adhesive tab at the top and decorate as desired.

My favourite way to decorate them is to tie the tops with ribbon and add a tag of some sort... which leads me on nicely to telling you about different ways to get perfect tags.

1) Two Tags Bigz Die - by far the quickest and most accurate way to getting multiples of exactly the same tag (perfect if you are making your own wedding favours etc!) is to use this EXCLUSIVE die - you do need a die cutting machine but I will show you what all that is about another day.
You get both tags on the one die, and as you can see I have used the one on the right. This particular tag has a perforated line as a beautiful detail all around the edge - this is the guide I cut around to create the matted and layers effect on the Easter tag above. Find out more about matting and layering HERE.

2) Snip and Flip - this is the best way to achieve individual tags of a custom size or when creating tags by hand:

The first step is to cut your card to a rectangle the finished size of your tag. Next, take a pair of sharp paper snips and cut of one corner at an angle. Now here is the clever bit - flip over your cut off corner (imaging it reflected in a mirror - DO NOT ROTATE IT) and place it over the opposite corner. You want the cut piece to stick out a TINY amount - see the top right image above (the grey line is the card underneath), then use the slanted edge either to draw a line, or if you are feeling confident, cut the matching corner! VoilĂ ! Simple punch a hole to tie through some ribbon and decorate as much as desired.

That's all from me today, we have rather exciting shenanigans going on in the garden, so I will show you all some photos once the makeover is complete!

Happy Crafting,

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