Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I am so so so excited about today's post!

I can now announce that we have been accepted as puppy walkers for guide dogs, and yesterday lunchtime recieved a beautiful black labrador puppy named Odelle! She was born on the 18th August 2011 (so about 8 weeks old now), and currently weighs just under 4kg. Want to see her?


Here she is as she arrives, held safely in Ali's arms. Ali is our puppy walking supervisor and will be providing lots of help and support to me as I start to teach Odelle how to behave well and have good manners. Want to see more?

Odelle and one of our cats Jinka soon came face to face, a good thing it was through a glass door though. Jinka grew up with dogs, so she isn't scared at all, but actually cross as there is a new animal stealing all the attention! We will have to keep an eye on them so the cat doesn't bully the puppy too much!

This morning she was bright and chirpy! Thankfully she is a very good puppy and didn't make a sound at all last night so we could all get some sleep.

She has discovered her toy box very rapidly, and has definitely decided on her favourite - I don't think this frog thing will be lasting very long! Check out the size of her paws in this photo compared to the rest of her, she is going to grow so quickly...

Last but not least - she has those big brown Labrador eyes already... ...please will you feed me? I haven't eaten for a full 2 hours!

I hope you like this little glimpse of her? I will try and keep you all updated on her progess.

Happy Crafting (and dog cuddling!)
Becky x

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  1. She is just adorable - give her a big cuddle from me Caroline xx


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